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Colistin (Sulphate & Sulphomethate Na)



  • 6 Anti-infective drugs

Primary Characterstics


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Drug Interactions

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Side Effects

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Colistin (Sulphate & Sulphomethate Na)'s dosage details are as follows:
Dose Single Dose Frequency Route Instructions

Adult Dosage

2.5 to 5 mg/kg3.8 (3.75)8 hourlyIM2-4 equal doses
40 to 80 mg60 (60)8 hourlyInhalationevery 12 hours
2.5 to 5 mg/kg.r3.8 (3.75)8 hourlyIV2-4 equal doses
1.5 to 3 millionunits/kg2.2 (2.25)8 hourlyPO

Paedriatic Dosage (20kg)

0.025 to 0.05 millionunits/kg0.038 (0.0375)8 hourlyOralsingle dose 0.74

Neonatal Dosage (3kg)

0.031 million units/kg0.031 (0.031)8 hourlyoralsingle dose 0.093

High Risk Groups

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Warning / Precautions

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Storage Conditions

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Interference in Pathology

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Brands / Trade Names of Colistin (Sulphate & Sulphomethate Na)

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Manufacturers of Colistin (Sulphate & Sulphomethate Na) in Pakistan

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