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EXPO 2007

Prime Corporation

Exhibition & Seminars

24-26 April, 2007

Expo Center, Karachi


The need to promote and develop awareness and skill of the expert in the Pharma Industry and Health Care profession will never die. Furthermore, retirement of senior professional and entry of fresh candidates keep the process of learning alive, especially in this rapidly changing world and modernization of technology. 

The purpose of these seminars is not developing young professionals, but also to brush up the knowledge of the experienced technocrats who are already working in the industry, to prepare them to take up new challenges.

The topics of all the lecture of all the lecture s are selected very carefully for the relevance to the exhibition and cover the theoretical part of any particular segment for which the application is also available. Moreover, the choice of speaker is also made with utmost care to pick the most experienced and knowledgeable experts.

These seminars will provide an Intellectual forum for all the stake holders to exchange knowledge, share experience and grow together.


EXPO 2007


Chief Guest: Farnaz Malik, Mj.Gen.Shahida

Seminar Session 1        24 April, 2007, Tuesday           14:30-18:00 hours


14:00-14:45       Lecture 1

·        Quality Control - what it is all about? 

Speaker:      Dr. Iftikhar Jafri 

MSc. Chem. (KU), PhD.(UK) Director Quality Control Pfizer (Pakistan) Limited

14:45 - 15:15       Lecture 2

·        HPLC The key element in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Speaker:     Mohsin Abbas Rizvi

B.E (Electrical),General Manager, Analytical Services Technology Links

14:45-15:15     Tea Break

15:15-15:45         Lecture 3

·        Method Development and Validation-Sugnificance in Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Speaker:       Product Specialist

Ph.D (Analytical Chemistry’s) Shimadzu, Japan

16:30-17:00          Lecture 4

·        Vibration Type Viscometry A Revolution in Technology.

Speaker:       Mr. Chikara Arai

C/O A&D Company Limited.                  

17:30-18:00       Question & Answers Session

Seminar Session 2      25 April, 2007, Wednesday          10:00_13:00 hours

10:00-10:30          Lecture 1

·        Budgeting and Products Costing

Speaker:       Ghazala Ishrat

M,pharm, (Biopharmaceutics KU), MBA (TQM-IBm)  Project director, Pharma Professional Services     

10:30-11:00          Tea break


11:00-11:30         Lecture 2

·        Management of Cost Complement in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Speaker:       Dr Shakeel Siddiqui

PhD (Organic Chemistry-UK)

11:30-12:00          Lecture 3

·         Requirement of  Flooring in Pharmaceutical Plant

Speaker:       Mr. Landon Dawson


12:00-12:30           Lecture 4

·         Stability Testing-Modification & Updates according to internation guidelines

Speaker:       Mr. Ronald Krebs

Specialist Binders, Asia

12:30-13:00                  Question & Answers Session

Seminar Session 3    25 April, 2007, Wednesday         14:00_17:00 hours


 14:00-14:45           Lecture 1

·         Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) , Is it a National  Requirement

Speaker:          Dr. Biyabani

Consultant University of  Toronto Canada

14:45-15:15         Tea Break

15:15-16:00             Lecture 2

·        Scope of Third Party Operation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Speaker:       Dr. Munir Anwer 


16:00-16:30              Lecture 3

·         GMP Requirement OF Documentation for Chinese Equipment & Machinery

Speaker:         Mr. Wanting            

General Manager GMP China Limited

16:30-17:00              Lecture 4

·         Sustained Release Formulation

Speaker:       Dr. Alexander Williams

Technical Expert France

17:00:17:30           Question & Answers Session

Seminar Session 4    26 April, 2007, Thursday                9:30_13:00 hours


 9:30-10:15           Lectures 1

·        HVAC SYSTEM _a tool to Maintain Clean Environment in Pharma Plant.

Speaker:       Mr. Shahid Ahmed

B.E (Mech) Consultant UNO, CEO FD &C 

10:15-10:45          Lectures 2

·         Pharmaceutical Water

Speaker:         Mr. Zahid Ali Baig

M.Sc (Chem) Manager Operation, Sante (Pvt).Ltd

10:45-11:15      Tea break

11:15-12:00     Lecture 3

·        Requirements from Concept  to Execution of a new Pharma Facility

Speaker:         Mr. Rafael Alwarez, DeToledo

Area Sales Manager, Telstar, Spain

12:00-12:30        Lecture 4

·         Validation-Significance & Methodology

Speaker:        Mr. Khalid Yousuf

Plant Manager, Novartis

12:30-13:00    Question & Answer Session

Seminar Session 5           26 April, 2007, Thusday       14:00_17:30 hours


14:00-15:00      Lecture 1

·        Bioavailability A requirement for export of locally manufactured Pharmaceuticals.     

Speaker:        Prof. Javaid Lodhi

Consultant, Solution Unlimited

15:00-15:30      Tea break

15:30-:16:00     Lecture 2:

·        Dissolution - Can  it Correlate & Replace Bioavailability

Speaker:       Prof. Dr Tasneem Ahmad 

PhD (Pharmaceutics) EX-Chairman and Professor Department of pharmaceutics, University of Karachi; Project Director Center for Bioequivalence studies & Bioassay Research., HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi

16:00-16:30      Lecture 3

·         Drug Interaction

Speaker:         Dr. Munther Rafiq Al-Shami

B.Pharm., PhD Consultant Ministry of Health, Jordan

16:30-17:00       Lecture 4

·         Hypertensive & Diuretic activity of “Carissacarandas”        

Speaker:     Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd


17:00-17:30      Question & Answer Session


A series of seminars in five sessions will be held in three days as per the schedule, covering the topics of Pharmaceutical Qualification, Manufacturing and Quality Aspects of the product and Exports Pharmaceutical from, in ten lectures.


The official language of the seminar will be English. The national language “Urdu” may be used as a mean of commuq1nication and discussed, if required.


Hall #, EXPO Center, Karachi (Opposite Civic Centre and Hassan Squire,

Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi)


Nomination are invited on standard registration for to attend these Seminar. In all there are five session of these Seminars.

Registration:    Rs. 500/- (One time only), Rs. 100/- For fresh students

Participation Fee:         Rs. 500/- per person (for each session of the Seminar)

instance, a participant wants to attend session one, three and five, will have to register and pay for three sessions i.e.Rs.500+500+500+500=2000/- (total fee)

Forms are enclosed, Photo copies may also be used.

Kindly fill in the registration form and send it along with the appropriation registration fee to the following address:

The seminars


8  Gulshan view apartment

Block 13-C,

Gulshan-e-lqbal, Karachi.

Local condition:

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan With population of more than 2. M. It is pleasant in junuary when days are bright and sunny with an average temperature of 20OC and nights chilly, dropping the average temperature to 10  15oC.

People are friendly and hospitable in the Karachi. The major palaces to visit are National Museum, Mohatta places Art Gallery and Mr. Jinnah’s (Quaid-e-Azam) mausoleum who is the founder of Pakistan. Karachi beaches are famous for their

For their warm water, magnificent boat rides and crabbing. Karachi has exquisite cuisines available 24 hours a day but the most popular food is Bar-B-Q Nahari, Haleem and Biryani which is available freely in all part. The bazaars are full of traditional and cultural merchandise including dresses, shoes, jewelry, marble goods and similar stuff.

Travel Requirement:

Karachi is easily accessible via air, sea and surface. Regular International and domestic travelers normally fly to this city but it can be accessed via roars from the surrounding areas. Industrial travelers and other than Pakistan national need visa. Any goods travel agent can make satisfactory arrangement.


Pharma professional services (PPS) is opening since 2002 and is comprised of a team of medical, Pharmacy and IT professionals, involved in developing the intellectual solution for the need of the industry and profession. Some of our products are mentioned hereunder for your information:

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We have also developed products Compendium in the form of CD in addition to printed booklets.

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On line pediatric drugs information system (OPDIS) has been installed at National institute of children health, which is provided as useful and handy tool for the regular use of pediatric physical and surgeons at NICH to calculate drug dosage in infants and children.

We have also developed and installed Burn centre pharmacy system (BCPS)at the Burn centre, Civil Hospital Karachi which maintain complete patient profile and efficient inventory management system. We are developing similar system in cardio-vascular, cerebro-vascular, Oncology and other disciplines.

Advance Education and Development Cell (AEDP) of PPS offer training, consultancy and contractual services in order to assist the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health care profession. We provide, general or company specific training programmes on various central location as well as on organization’s site to keep the place with concurrent modernization in this fast changing world and also to fill the gaps between the academia and the industry.

AEDP forums also serve as links between Academic, scientist, Regulatory bodies and Technology of the profession.


Pharma professional services

8 Gulshan view Apartment  

Block 13  C, Gulshan-e-lqbal Karachi.

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Prime Corporation is a commercial organization, engaged in providing Pharmaceutical and other auxiliary equipment and machinery to the Industry since last 10 year and is now very widely recognized.

The organization of PAK Pharma EXPO 2006 is an attempt to extend our services to the Pharma Industry which will be a continued effort to support the business interests of both, the Manufacturers and the Supplier. Features like publishing a periodical etc.


Prime Corporation

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