Polymyxin B (Sulphate)



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Primary Characterstics


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Drug Interactions

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Side Effects

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Polymyxin B (Sulphate)'s dosage details are as follows:
Dose Single Dose Frequency Route Instructions

Adult Dosage

15000 to 30000 units/kg/day22000 (22500)24 hourlyIMThis should be reduced in the presence of renal impairment.The dosage may be divided and given at either 4 or 6 hour intervals.
15000 to 25000 units/kg/body weight/day20000 (20000)24 hourlyIVInfusions may be given every 12 hours, however, the total daily dose must not exceed 25,000 units/kg/day.
5 to 10 ml7.5 (7.5)6 hourlyOphthalmicFrequency may be increased upto 6 times/day.
10000 units/g10000 (10000)12 hourlyOphthalmic,OticOintment
1 stripe1 (1)12 hourlyTopicalApply Ointment on effacted area.

Paedriatic Dosage (20kg)

0.33 mg/kg0.33 (0.33)24 hourlyIntrathecalFor above 2 yrs children

Neonatal Dosage (3kg)

0.25 mg/kg0.25 (0.25)24 hourlyIntrathecal

High Risk Groups

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Warning / Precautions

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Storage Conditions

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Interference in Pathology

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Brands / Trade Names of Polymyxin B (Sulphate)

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