Curcuma caesia Roxb.

Primary Characteristics

Primary Characteristics

Curcuma caesia Roxb. is aslo known as Zingiber zerumbet Rosc., belongs to Zingiberaceae, family.
The Arabic Name for this herb is Jadwarul Aswad.
The English Name for this herb is Black zedoary.
The Urdu Names for this herb are Kachur, Kali Haldi, Narkachur.

Pharmacological Actions


  • Aromatic
  • Cardiac Tonic
  • Carminative
  • Deobstruent
  • Detersive
  • Expectorant
  • Hepatic Tonic
  • Rubefacient
  • Stimulant
  • Vulnerary

  • Indications

    The Indications of Root of Curcuma caesia Roxb. are Cough, Bruises, Pain, Asthma, Sprains, Rheumatic Pain, Inflammations.

    No Contra Indication information is available for Curcuma caesia Roxb..


    The Temperament of Curcuma caesia Roxb. is 2nd order warm , 3rd order dry.

    Available Brands

    BrandManufacturer/Mnf. Representative
    HABB-E-KABID NAUSHADRIHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
    SAFIHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan

    Compound Preparations

    Curcuma caesia Roxb. is used in the preparation of Arq Hazim, Hab Narkachur, Ma'jun Chob Chini, Ma'jun Murawweh ul-Arwah, Ma'jun Nishara-i-Aajwali, Mufarreh Azam, Mufarreh Mo'tadil, Mufarreh Shaikh-ur-Rais, Mufarreh Yaquti mo'tadil, Qurs Kabid Naushadri, Roghan Surkh, Safi, Safuf Chutki, Tiryaqul Asnan, Zimad Bars compounds.


    Whole Herb1.000gm - 3.000gmN/A

    Herb's Description

    No information regarding Curcuma caesia Roxb.'s description is currently available.

    Taste Odor & Occurrence

    Occurence: It occurs in Bengal, India, Turkistan.. The Plant has been described to be a native of Bengal. Herbs was imported in quantity from india, most of it to be passed to Turkistan.


    No information regarding Curcuma caesia Roxb.'s substitute is currently available.

    Active Constituents

    Curcuma caesia Roxb.'s Active constituents:


    No information regarding Curcuma caesia Roxb.'s antidot is currently available.

    Warning & Precautions

    Considered as cephalgic (i.e. may cause headache).


    Currently no Toxicity information is available for Curcuma caesia Roxb.. (work in progress)