Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Per

Primary Characteristics

Primary Characteristics

Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. is aslo known as Acanthodium spicatum Del., Acanthus edulis Forssk., Barleria persica {Burm} O.Kuntze, Ruellia persica Burm, belongs to Acanthaceae, family.
The Arabic Names for this herb are Anjirah, Bazar-al-Qareez.
The English Name for this herb is Blepharis.
The Urdu Names for this herb are Anjrah, Asad, Balba Jawar, Bazar-al-Qareez, Utangan.

Pharmacological Actions


  • Alexiteric
  • Alterative
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Appetizer
  • Attenuant
  • Deobstruent
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant
  • Resolvent

  • Leaves:
  • Acrid
  • Astringent
  • Cooling
  • Purgative

  • Root:
  • Diuretic

  • Indications

    The Indication of Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. is Earache.

    The Indications of Seeds of Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. are Spermatorrhoea, Sore Eyes, Dry Cough, Productive Cough, Premature Ejaculation*.

    The Indications of Leaves of Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. are Asthma, Wounds, Ulcers, Throat Inflammation, Ascites, Spleen Disorders, Liver Disorders, Nasal Haemorrhage.

    The Indications of Root of Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. are Urinary Discharges, Dysmenorrhoea.

    No Contra Indication information is available for Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers..


    The Temperaments of Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. are 1st order, warm and dry, 3rd Order, Warm and Dry.

    Available Brands

    BrandManufacturer/Mnf. Representative
    Demagh AfroozAshraf laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.
    JAWARISH ZAROONI AMBERI-BA-NUSKHA KALANHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
    LABOOB-E-BARIDHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan

    Compound Preparations

    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. is used in the preparation of Jawarish Zar'unui Ambari Ba Nuskha Kalan, Lubub Barid, Ma'jun Mobahee Antaki, Ma'jun Murawweh ul-Arwah, Marham Ushaq, Safuf S'alab compounds.


    Whole Herb3.000g - 6.000gThe plants (green) parts are used as fodder by sheep and camel. To heal fastering wounds and large pimples aqueous extract is mixed with olive oil and applied.

    Herb's Description

    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers. is a herb and glabrous in texture, grey in color, is evergreen. Pubescence
    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s Seeds: smooth in texture. Compressed, shining, longer than those of sesame obtusely pointed at the apex and broad at the base, where they are oblique.
    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s Leaves, obolong or narrow elliptic in shaped. In fours at the nodes, upper pair 5 cm x 1cm, lower pair smaller
    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s Stem, size is usually 30 cm long. Short and rigid.
    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s Flower, blue in color. In strobilate inflorescence; capsules 5 cm long or more, 2-seeded. The capsule is hard, glabrous, shining and in mahogany-like colour.

    Taste Odor & Occurrence

    Occurence: It occurs in Balochistan(Pakistan), Egypt, Iran, Kalat (Pakistan), Multan (Pakistan), Punjab (Pakistan), Quetta (Pakistan), Saudi-Arabia.
    Taste: Insipid


    No information regarding Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s substitute is currently available.

    Active Constituents

    Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s Active constituents:


    No information regarding Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.'s antidot is currently available.

    Warning & Precautions

    Long term use or large doses may be harmful for stomach.


    Currently no Toxicity information is available for Blepharis edulis (Forssk.) Pers.. (work in progress)