Iris germanica Linn

Primary Characteristics

Primary Characteristics

Iris germanica Linn is aslo known as Iris germanica var. florentina Dykes, Iris pallida Lam., belongs to Iridaceae, family.
The English Name for this herb is Orris Root.
The Urdu Names for this herb are Airsa, Irsa.

Pharmacological Actions


  • Cathartic
  • Concoctive
  • Demulcent
  • Deobstruent
  • Detersive
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant
  • Laxative
  • Stimulant

  • Indications

    The Indications of Root of Iris germanica Linn are Scabies, Nasal Catarrh, Bruises, Spleen Obstructions, Paralysis, Freckles, Cold, Asthma, Dropsy, Wounds, Influenza, Tremor, Insect Bite, Lungs Obstructions, Skin Disorders.

    The Indications of Root powder of Iris germanica Linn are Pimples, Sore Throat.

    No Contra Indication information is available for Iris germanica Linn.


    The Temperaments of Iris germanica Linn are 2nd order, dry, 3rd Order, Warm.

    Available Brands

    BrandManufacturer/Mnf. Representative
    MA-UL-LEHAMHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
    SHARBAT MUFARREH MUQAWWI-E-QALBHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan

    Compound Preparations

    Iris germanica Linn is used in the preparation of Laooq Zeequn-Nafs, Ma'jun Murawweh ul-Arwah, Ma'jun Nisyan, Ma'jun Ruh al-Mominin, Roghan Kalan, Sherbet Zufa, Tiryaq Faruq, Zimad Mohasa compounds.


    Whole Herb3.000g - 5.000gN/A

    Herb's Description

    Iris germanica Linn. A handsome plant with sword like leaves of a bluish-green colour, narrow and flat. The flowering-stems are 2 to 3 ft. high, the flowers are large and deep blue, or purplish-blue in colour. The flowers have an agreeable scent, The creeping root-stocks are thick and fleshy, spreading over the surface of the ground and of brownish colour'721. Root is greyish-brown, or violet colour, hard and compressed root bark wrinkled externally, and is marked with scars of fallen rootlets

    Taste Odor & Occurrence

    Occurence: It occurs in Eastern Mediterranean Region, North Africa, North India, South Europe.
    Odor: The odor of Root (dried) of Iris germanica Linn is AromaticThe odor of Root (fresh) of Iris germanica Linn is Odourless
    Root (dried): Slightly Bitter

    Root (fresh): Acrid


    No information regarding Iris germanica Linn's substitute is currently available.

    Active Constituents

    Iris germanica Linn's Active constituents:


    No information regarding Iris germanica Linn's antidot is currently available.

    Warning & Precautions

    Described as harmful for lungs,in large doses may produce nausea and vomiting.


    Currently no Toxicity information is available for Iris germanica Linn. (work in progress)