Pyrethrum indicum Linn.

Primary Characteristics

Primary Characteristics

Pyrethrum indicum Linn. is aslo known as Anacyclus pyrethrum, Chrysanthemum indicum, belongs to Asteraceae, Compositae, family.
The Arabic Names for this herb are Aiyun Abqar Hindi, Nashm Abiaz, Takhun al-Jabl.
The English Names for this herb are Garden chrysanthemum, Pellitory root, Pyrethrum.
The Urdu Names for this herb are Aqarqara, Aqarqarha, Bikhtar Khun.

Pharmacological Actions

The pharmacological Actions of Pyrethrum indicum Linn. are Anti-phlegmatic, Astringent, Bitter, Blood Purifier, Cardiac Tonic, Carminative, Cooling, Digestive, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Insecticide, Sialagogue, Stimulant, Vermifuge, Vulnerary.


The Indication of Leaves of Pyrethrum indicum Linn. is Migraine.

The Indications of Root of Pyrethrum indicum Linn. are Dysmenorrhoea, Apoplexy, Chest Pain, Palsy, Hemiplegia, Facial Paralysis, Diphtheria, Sciatica, Chorea, Tetanus.

The Indications of Flower of Pyrethrum indicum Linn. are Lumbago, Gleet, Sore Throat, Gonorrhoea, Leprosy, Stomatitis, Eye Affections, Abdominal Inflammation, Urinary Discharges, Brain Affections, Burning Sensation.

No Contra Indication information is available for Pyrethrum indicum Linn..


The Temperament of Pyrethrum indicum Linn. is 3rd order, warm and dry.

Available Brands

BrandManufacturer/Mnf. Representative
DAWA-E-TAKOREHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
ERQEMBERHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
HABB-E-MUMSIK AMBERIHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
HAMDARD MAULLHAMHamdard laboratories Waqf Bangladesh
MAJUN SHABAB AWARHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan
QAIROOTI ARD KRISNA OINTMENTHamdard laboratories Waqf Pakistan

Compound Preparations

Pyrethrum indicum Linn. is used in the preparation of Anqaruya-i-Kabir, Arq Amber, Barsh'sha, Hab Mumsik Ambari, Jawarish Zar'uni Sada, Jawarish Zar'unui Ambari Ba Nuskha Kalan, Lubub Saghir, Ma'jun Baladur, Ma'jun Mobahee Antaki, Ma'jun Muqawwi Wa Mumsik, Ma'jun Murraweh ul-Arwah, Ma'jun Mushki, Ma'jun Raig Mahi, Ma'jun Zabib, Qairuti Arad Krasna, Roghan Kalan, Roghan Qust, Roghan Seer, Sunun Dandan, Sunun khas, Tilai Mushkwala, Tilai-Urusak compounds.


Whole Herb1.000g

Herb's Description

Pyrethrum indicum Linn. is a shrub, is evergreen, and errect. Plant is rigid.
Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s Root, 3-4 inches long, cylindrical in shape. 0.3-0.5 inches thick, roughly shriveled and internally radiating secondary wood ocupying about two third of the total thickness particularly in older roots.
Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s Flower, disc shaped, rays yellow in color
Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s Leaves: flaccid in texture. Thin, pinnately parted, with acute or mucronate teeth.

Taste Odor & Occurrence

Occurence: It occurs in Himalayas, Kashmir, North Africa, South Europe.


No information regarding Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s substitute is currently available.

Active Constituents

Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s Active constituents:


No information regarding Pyrethrum indicum Linn.'s antidot is currently available.

Warning & Precautions

Described as harmful for lungs when used in large quantities or when taken for long duration. Hypersensitive reactions have been reported (as irritant) for the eyes and mucosa.


Currently no Toxicity information is available for Pyrethrum indicum Linn.. (work in progress)